Unless you are using font management software (Suitcase, Master Juggler, Font Reserve, etc.) your fonts are found in the System->Fonts folder. For this tutorial we are assuming that you are not using font management software. Also, the screenshots were taken from Mac OS 8.6. If you are running a version earlier than 8 the icons will be a little different.

For Truetype fonts you only need to copy the suitcase.

For Postscript fonts you need to copy both the suitcase (which contains the screen fonts) and the corresponding printer fonts, which usually reside in the folder above the suitcase. Postscript printer fonts have names that are similar to the font name but are usually truncated ie: the printer font for Avant Garde Book is called AvantGarBoo.

Note: Make sure you copy the fonts out of the Fonts folder - hold down the "option" key while dragging to copy the files.

If you double-click on a suitcase you can tell which type of font it is by looking at the icon of the files in the suitcase. Postscript fonts have a single "A" on the icon and Truetype fonts have receding "A"s on the icon.

Note: This is the icon for Adobe Postscript fonts. Fonts from other foundries will have different icons for their printer fonts.

If you are using font management software you can check your documentation to see if it will collect fonts for you - some do, some don't.

Important note for emailing fonts!

If you are going to email your fonts, you need to be careful. Because Macintosh files are made up of two parts (resource fork and data fork) if you email the fonts without them being in a "wrapper" (macbinary/apple double (.bin), binhex (.hqx) or stuffed (.sit) only the data fork makes it through email - unfortunately the font information lives in the resource fork and will be lost.

Depending on your email program you may be able to have it do this for you. Outlook Express 5.0 defaults to Macintosh-friendly file attachment options.

To be on the safe side, packing and compress fonts is a good bet.

Hopefully this information has been helpful. If there is anything that is unclear, please forward your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll see what we can do to clear things up. See you next month!

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