While it's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, what if you have to use words to paint a picture? If this is a dilemma you face, it's great to understand some of the techniques you can use to create emphasis for text.


Rules are a great tool for adding emphasis to headlines:

Be careful with rules not too make them too dark and/or thick or you'll risk overwhelming the text. Rules are also a great way to emphasize short quotes within an article or passage. Just make sure that the quote doesn't "break" from one column to the next. Rules can be used in many other instances. Keep in mind, however, that whenever you use rules that you are likely to stop the reader dead in their tracks - so only use them when this is desireable!


Using boxes within passages is a great way to draw attention to text that is related to the page it's on, but only if its contents make sense if read in isolation:

Boxes can also be lightly tinted and/or coloured for added emphasis and can be used with or without borders. If you choose to use boxes, make sure that the background is not so dark that it makes it hard to read the text.

Rules and boxes are two great tools for creating emphasis for text. Check back next month as we discuss the details on how and when to use drop caps and raised letters.

We strive to be as accurate and current with our information as possible. Due to the infinite number of scenarios that occur in print & desktop publishing, we can not guarantee that the above information will be correct in all situations.