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Preflight and File Fixing

Our prepress department offers expert advice and oversight for your print project. We check your files prior to proofing to ensure optimal print quality and to make sure what you see in your PDF or print proof is what you get in your printed product.

Our professional prepress staff is well versed in the most widely used professional graphics software packages on both Mac and PC platforms. In addition our prepress department can integrate your artwork into a one-to-one personalized mail flight campaign.

We will advise you about image quality issues such as resolution or compression artifacting (visable flaws caused by compression of image files), type and font issues and bleed requirements, (part of printed image extending beyond the trimmed edge).

Call us to arrange a consultation for your next print project or drop in to our plant on Nanaimo Street in Victoria. We look forward to meeting you.

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File Formats

Most often our customers will send a .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format) file, commonly known as a PDF file, for printing. In most cases this file format allows us to impose and/or edit files and even make changes through our Adobe Professional program and a suite of PDF edting extensions.

For customers wanting to send InDesign (.indd) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files we ask you follow the instrctions on our Send Files page or call us for assitance.


We use DynaStrip for imposition; the repeating of print images for multible impressiions on a press sheet, or the placing of multible pages of a document into a press sheeet. Customers need only provide a single file for each side of a business card, for example, or a .pdf of their multi-page in "reader spreads". Our prepress department will "impose" the sides and pages as require for trimming and binding.

Before plating a job destined for the offset press, our prepress technician consults with the press operator to ensure the pages are positioned for optimal reprooduction on press.


Depending on the requirements of your project; if you have a particular concern about a color, or when printing a piece for the first time, you may need to consider what proofing method is best.

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Proofing Options

Electronic proofs (or soft proofs) are a PDF of your print project, often sent to you by email, after it has been "preflighted" or checked to make sure it is ready to print or plate for offset printing. A soft proof is a convenient and cost-effective way to proof for formatting and content.

However, a soft proof can be insufficient for proofing color. Factors such as the display settings of your monitor, and the stock your job will be printed on can alter the accuracy of what you see in a soft proof.

Unlike electronic soft proofs, digitallly printed proofs (or hard proofs) are printed on paper or special print media in the four process colours (cyan, magenta, yelow and black - CMYK). The digitally printed proof acts as a "contract proof" of your final print project without special finishing effects such as varnish or custom colour.

The advantage of running a hard proof of a job that will be printed on the same digital printer is that you are able to see a physical print version of your project on the substrate it will be printed on. This allows you to check for color accuracy and how well your design aligns with folds, cuts etc.

For offset printing hard proofs are not 100% accurate. Our Oris colour proofing is calibrated to our offset press so the colour matching is accurate to "pleasing colour".

Where the most accurate result is necessary, a press test proof is the most realiable. A press proof, or press test, is actaully run on the press. While only a short run of sheets are printed on the press itself, this proofing method allows you a short production run using the same technology and make ready preparation that would be required for your full run.

The advantage of having a press test is that you are able to see the final printed project. Your test will be printed on the actual stock material using the same press and running the same technology, software, inks and coatings that will be used for your job.

While a press test will get you that much closer to seeing how your final piece will come out of the press, it requires additional time and setup on your print supplier. This means that you'll have to invest more in proofing your projects, as there can be additional costs to press tests, such as required setup, material costs, and total equipment run time needed to run the test.


★★★★★ Great staff and fair pricing. Highly recommend.
Andrew Libera  DEC. 2016

★★★★★ Fast, Friendly and Fastidious. We've had excellent service from Hillside Printing.
Lorna Knowles  AUG. 2016

★★★★★ Always helpful and prompt. I've printed many personal projects and they are always stellar!
Monika Darwin  MAY. 2016

★★★★★ Fast friendly service really great prices on print.
Bunah Home Inpections  APRIL. 2016

★★★★★ Great quality, great staff.
Rob Wilson  AUG. 2016

★★★★★ The staff at Hillside have been great! My head office had made a mistake on some of the details of my business cards and the Hillside Printing staff caught it, fixed it an still delivered my small order of business cards before they said they would!
Thanks for all your help!
Ron McInnis  2013

★★★★★ The Fairfield Gonzales Community Association (FGCA) is so grateful for Hillside Printing's generous donation of signage for our annual fundraiser for the past two years. We had numerous comments at the event about how professional the signs looked and how they added to the overall flare of the evening. Thank you to Barb and Jim and the lovely staff at Hillside Printing for supporting community!
Kaari van Nostrand  2014

★★★★★ Hillside Printing is a great local company, with helpful staff that has supported many local events and projects. Their quality and service has always been fantastic.
Jason Found  2014