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As many as you like. As few as you need.

A well-situated poster has your audience
all to itself.

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An art form that excites the imagination.

We offer the right solution for quality and price!

Posters remain an effective and favoured medium for events and attractions.

For live entertainment especially, posters become lasting souvenirs and keepsakes. A well-designed poster makes a powerful impression that coffee shops willingly display as an enhancement to their brand of "the place to be." On bus stops and subway stations posters are a welcome and interesting diversion.

Now more than ever, high quality posters can be produced in relatively small quantities for local and regional events or for long-standing attractions as demand requires.

You can choose any size up to 19" x 25" on our high speed four-colour offset press or, for shorter runs, up to 14.5" x 23" on our state-of-the-art Xerox iGen4 digital press. It is your choice!

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