Die Cutting

The term “Die Cutting” refers to the cutting, perforating and/or scoring of a shape in a flat sheet of material. Many different materials, from metal to leather to paper and plastic can all be die cut successfully.

“Die Cutting” is accomplished by making a steel rule die, mounting it on a large platen press and then running the printed sheet of paper through to cut the required shape. The dies are made to score (crease), perforate and cut in the same operation. We also offer very precise kiss cutting for stickers.

We have dies in stock for many common products, including presentation folders, door hangers, report cover windows, cd cases, etc. Using an "in stock" die from our inventory will save you time and money. Phone ahead and you can design your item to an existing die.

If you want to create a new die for your project we need a digital “dieline” indicating all scoring, perforating and cutting positions from which we will create the die for you. Steel Rule Dies vary in price depending upon the complexity of the cut but you should count on a minimum cost of $130 for a basic shape. Fortunately, these dies are reusable many times over (but not indefinitely). We most often store the dies for our clients so they are on hand the next time the job is produced.

And if you do only require a small volume of die cut products, we have recently purchased a laser cutting machine which could be an attractive alternative to the Steel Rule Die. An .ai vector file is required for the laser and very complex designs are well within the equipment’s capabilities.