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Business Cards

Where first impressions are made.

Specialty Cards

Ask about our optional coated and uncoated card stock.

Premium Card Stock

When someone sees exceptional quality in your card, they expect it in your company.

Embossing adds depth and dimension to your cards and print materials.


A quality card stays with your client long after others are discarded.

Foil stamping adds richness to cards, and packaging.

Foil Stamp

Excellence is appreciated, valued,
and sought after...

Our Best Value

We offer quality business cards at the most economical price. Our standard business card stock is first quality 14 pt. coated cover. We also offer an optional 16 pt. coated stock and have 16 pt. uncoated cover in inventory. Bleeds (printing to the edge) are accommodated without extra charge. Ask about specialty treatments such as UV coating, embossing, and foiling.

Black and White

One Side

  • 100: $30
  • 250: $40
  • 500: $50
  • 1000: $60
  • 2000: $80

Black and White

Two Sides

  • 100: $40
  • 250: $50
  • 500: $60
  • 1000: $70
  • 2000: $90

Full Colour

One Side

  • 100: $35
  • 250: $45
  • 500: $59
  • 1000: $75
  • 2000: $105

Full Colour

Two Sides

  • 100: $45
  • 250: $59
  • 500: $69
  • 1000: $89
  • 2000: $119

Dress It Up !

Foil Stamping

Highlight your stationery and paper-based products with hot foil stamping.

There are a variety of foil colours and finishes available to suit various tastes and applications. Holographic, silver and gold are just a few!

A metal die is produced, cast from the digital file provided by our clients. This die is reusable many times over (but not indefinitely) . Many of our clients have us store their dies for future use.

Business cards and stationary produced with foil elements convey the utmost professionalism.


We can emboss with or without printed graphics colouring your embossed area:

Registered Embossing

Add dimension and pop to your branding with embossed logos or designs. Embossing adds a dimension to your paper-based products or marketing materials that'll make you stand out from the crowd.

We'll create a metal die from your design and impress it into your paper products. Embossed designs can be achieved on anything from standard paper (e.g. stationery) to heavy cardstock packaging (e.g. cardboard gift box).

Consider combining your embossed designs with foil stamping for extra pop and shine:

Note! While one side is embossed the other is debossed so be careful with your design on the back of the card!

Blind Embossing

Blind embossing refers to design where the embossed area is not printed; the embossing defines the image.

Blind embossing gives a more understated, chic look. But consider how detailed your image is before choosing the blind embossing option as some fine detail might not work well.

Registered embossing. In the illustrated example above the debossed area is printed giving depth to graphic.
Blind embossing. The embossed area is not printed.