Smart marketers know that a well-rounded marketing plan includes electronic AND print media. Used in conjunction with a variety of marketing tools, brochures have several advantages:

  • They allow you to “actively” market by putting your information in the hands of people you intend to see it as opposed to a “passive” website, where you may or may not be one of the sites selected by “surfers”.
  • When they are well-designed and beautifully printed they can demonstrate a firm’s most valuable asset – its intellectual capital.
  • Brochures describe a firm’s services, facilities, expertise, or perspective, all in the best possible light.
  • Give legitimacy to a new facility or service.

Of course, brochures can have disadvantages too and the biggest one is that a brochure is static. It stays what it is until you rewrite, redesign, and reprint it. This is not a problem if you are distributing large volumes of brochures at one time or your message, prices, etc. don’t change often. The investment in large runs of brochures is more than justified.

BUT what do you do if you want to change your content or only need to print a small run? Traditionally you sacrificed quality by having a brochure printed digitally. Now you don’t have to compromise on quality to print short runs.

You can choose to have us print large volumes of high quality brochures on the offset -OR- with our new iGen4 we can print smaller runs economically and beautifully. It is your choice.

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