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 Hillside Printing strives to act as sustainably as possible. We recycle all waste including, aluminum printing plates, plastics, paper, toner cartridges, pallets, etc.   Inks are water based, paper recycled where possible, and no chemicals of any sort are put into our storm water or sewers.

In 2010 through our recycling program, we recovered 60.4 tonnes of material, reducing landfill by 234.9 cubic yards, saving 278,010 kWh energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 217.4 Te CO2e. We saved 969 mature trees, 163.5 barrels of petroleum and 1,517,990 litres of water. In addition we recycle heat given off from our machinery to reduce our energy consumption.

We live in Victoria and all want it to be the best place on the planet to live so we are very aware of leaving a small footprint! 


Our regular hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. *On weekdays, just ask if you need to pickup outside these hours as we can often accommodate.

Buy Local

Hillside directly contributes more than $2 million annually to the local economy in payroll, services, supplies and taxes. We are active sponsors of sporting, cultural and community services in the local area.


Hillside is the printing partner of choice for many of Vancouver Island’s most reputable companies. We’ve been reliably producing quality products – day in and day out for 30 years. Put our team’s 250 years of printing experience to work for you today.


Hillside Printing uses the best and most efficient equipment and technology to ensure client projects are of the highest quality and that they receive the greatest value. In 2011, we invested nearly $1 million in new equipment to ensure that our customers can receive the very best technology available globally, right here on the Island.